A Management Consultancy with a difference…

We work with you to diagnose your challenges.  We then bring together a bespoke team of experts to work alongside you and help you move forward.

Together we deliver the results you need.

Why Halpin?


Our team of consulting fellows are recognised leaders in their sectors.

We understand how organisations work and the cultural challenges which might block change.


Many consultancy firms will only take on large projects and will use their company’s ‘text book’ approach.

Our team tailor-make our work to suit your needs, culture and budget.  We know that one size does not fit all.


How many consultants’ reports sit on the shelf gathering dust?

Our work with you will result in a practical, actionable plan and we will stand by you as you put in place our recommendations.

People tend to use the following words when they describe us…

Dynamic, Engaging, Expert, Interested, Passionate, Motivating, Problem Solvers, Visionary, Inspiring, Practical, Warm and Fun.

We use similar words when we describe our clients.