Halpin is the home of experts in higher education.

Halpin is a management consultancy designed to meet the specific needs of the higher education sector.

We are the home of experts in higher education governance, fundraising, strategy and students.

This is a fresh approach to higher education management consultancy, from the wider perspective of the sector’s needs,
challenges and priorities. We understand how organisations such as yours work and the cultural challenges which might block change.

We breathe new life into all areas of higher education leadership including Governance, Strategy, Fundraising and Students.

Partnering with you, we diagnose and overcome challenges, applying personalised approaches to achieve the results you need.

Joint CEOs Susie Hills and Shaun Horan have assembled a team of Consultants and Consulting Fellows who are recognised
senior leaders in their sectors. They have ‘boots on the ground’ experience and a blend of proven results across higher education
and beyond.

No matter the challenge, we can help.

We’ve been where you are, we know what needs doing, and we know how to get it done.

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What people say about us

We listen carefully to the words that people use to describe us.
Here are just some:

Expert | Dynamic | Engaging | Passionate | Authentic | Problem solvers | Visionary | Thoughtful | Inspiring | Practical | Warm | Leaders | Ambitious