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We're passionate about higher education.


Our focus is on empowering the higher education sector.

We understand the culture and values of the sector and the challenges it faces.

We know what it takes to deliver impact whilst staying true to your values.


The Halpin Manifesto

Our manifesto guides all that we do. It sets out the values we bring to our work with our clients, our suppliers and each other and our desire have a positive impact as we work.

we are experts

We immerse ourselves 100% in what we do, and we work with others who do the same. We value the skills, knowledge and experience of our team, our clients and our suppliers. 

we are kind

We treat ourselves, each other, clients, suppliers and our planet with kindness at all times. We ask our clients to treat us with kindness and respect as we work. We thrive on a high-trust culture of equality, honesty and integrity. 

we want better

Our clients and our firm deserve the best possible results to make a positive impact on the world. We listen, learn and act, delivering the best possible value to our clients. 

we are green

We declared a climate emergency in July 2019. We actively seek ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We offset our carbon emissions and will be carbon neutral by 2025.

we shop smart

We use suppliers who share our values and we favour social enterprises and independent, local businesses.  We ask clients to pay us on time, so we pay our suppliers on time.

we are inclusive

We are building a team where all can bring their full selves to work.  We support our clients to be inclusive too and to consider Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) throughout their work. 

leading sector experts, across governance, strategy and fundraising.

happy clients and counting, in higher education and beyond.

projects delivered across fundraising, strategy and governance..

Halpin is a fresh approach to management consultancy.

Halpin is a fresh approach to management consultancy, designed to meet the specific needs of the higher education sector.

We’re guided by the values in our Manifesto above.

Our team have senior-level expertise in higher education and other sectors. We have ‘boots on the ground’ executive experience and non-executive perspective. We’ve worked with a wide variety of higher education institutions across the UK and in Ireland and also have international experience.

We also know the value of cross-sector experience. We undertake projects for clients outside the sector when their values align with ours, when our higher education experience is of value, and when we know we can do a great job!

As a compassionate and conscientious business we have declared a climate emergency and committed to become carbon-neutral by 2025 at the very latest. We are anti-hate and passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). You can find our EDI policy here.

Where it all began…

In 2017, inspired by the late Dr Les Halpin, Shaun Horan and Susie Hills set out to build a team of the brightest minds, and have gone on to make a major impact on institutions in the UK and beyond.

  • As a statistician, Les understood the need for high quality data analysis and market insight to inform business planning and improve business processes.
  • As a philanthropist, Les sought to invest in projects which would tackle systemic issues and change the world, ‘in bite sized chunks’.
  • As an investor and entrepreneur, Les helped smart, creative businesses to achieve their growth potential and deliver value to their customers.
  • As a sufferer of Motor Neurone Disease, Les had the drive and passion to fight for the rights of patients to access new medicines.

Les’s positive, kind-hearted personality meant he made many friends. Indeed he was a collector of people and ideas and believed in working in partnership to make things happen. As a friend, Les was warm, enthusiastic and funny. He would also tell it to you straight, because he cared.

Les’s legacy was to set up the Halpin Trust which supports smart organisations to step improve their performance and have sustainable impact. We are proud that our company, Halpin Partnership Ltd, bears Les’s name and is inspired by his approach to business, philanthropy and friendship.

Dr Les Halpin
Dr Les Halpin
(1957 – 2013)