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Announcement: Halpin declares climate emergency

by Shaun Horan, Susie Hills | Jul 1, 2019 | News

Management consultancy firm Halpin Partnership has declared a climate emergency and set out its response plan.

Halpin has signed up with Natural Capital Partners for assessment and Carbon Neutral certification, with the target of being Carbon neutral by 2025 at the very latest.


“We are aiming to be carbon neutral as soon as we possibly can be. We pride ourselves in working with kindness at Halpin and this is the most important commitment to that value that we can make. It is the right and kind thing to do for our team and our clients, for their children and grandchildren and for our planet.” Susie Hills, Joint CEO and Co-founder.

Halpin is best known for its work in governance, strategy, fundraising and marketing in Higher Education, and the firm also works with clients in the charity and arts sectors.

“We don’t yet know how quickly we can become carbon neutral, but we aren’t letting that hold us back from taking action – we are in the process of measuring our impact and setting out a plan to get there. As Greta Thunberg has pointed out very clearly, the crucial point is to declare our intent and build this goal into all our work.” Shaun Horan, Joint CEO and Co-founder.

Halpin has set out the following plan:

  1. Set a target date for being Carbon neutral (2030 at the latest)
  2. Measure our carbon footprint
  3. Encourage all team members to take public transport instead of driving or taxis
  4. Reduce flying where possible and offset any essential flights
  5. Reduce travel by use of video/telephone conferencing where possible
  6. Cut down our use of plastics, both personally and as a business and stop using single use plastics
  7. Buy local as much as possible and seek suppliers who are committed to becoming carbon neutral
  8. Offset our emissions through a certified scheme
  9. Reduce printing as much as possible and use recycled/FSC paper stock when we do print
  10. Enable action by empowering our employees to become activists, supporting them in using their power to push for change.