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Fundraising Mentoring with Susie Hills

by Susie Hills | Apr 12, 2019 | Fundraising

develop (n) – grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate.

As a Director of Development, the pressures on you can be intense.

Fundraising for your institution is as demanding as it is rewarding, and to succeed you must focus on your own development alongside your institution’s.

Working with a mentor with years of similar experience will pay dividends.

Susie Hills is a renowned fundraiser, an insightful mentor and a big thinker. Since leading the University of Exeter’s successful £25 million campaign, she has advised a wealth of other institutions on their fundraising. She is in demand as a mentor to talented fundraisers looking to build on their skills and drive up results for their institution.

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Susie Hills – Joint CEO & Co-founder, Halpin

Susie blends empathy, experience and energy to deliver mentoring that transforms fundraising and transforms careers. With Susie as your mentor you’ll be challenged, inspired and armed with the tools and confidence you need for your path ahead.

Contact us to book an exploratory call with Susie, and download the flyer here.

What people say about Susie and her mentoring…

“Susie has a manner which is encouraging and challenging in equal measure, building from strength rather than weakness in existing strategies or experience. I continue to consider her one of my best advisors, personally and professionally, as her ability to listen and then quickly get to the heart of any matter is superb.”
Fiona Duffy, Director of Development, Murray Edwards College

“It’s always a pleasure to work and talk with Susie; her thoughtful approach, combined with her breadth of experience, is both reassuring and thought provoking.”
Karen Horn, Deputy Director of Development: Alumni Engagement, Open University

“I have loved working with Susie over the past few months. Her wealth of experience in fundraising, relationship-building and leadership has been invaluable to our sessions and I have felt hugely supported both through our conversations and brilliantly articulated follow-up. As a coach she is thoughtful, thought-provoking and challenging, and seeks to get the very best out of her clients, both through her knowledge and insight, but also through her energy, drive and humour.”
Frances Milner, Executive Director of Philanthropy and Partnerships, Cancer Research UK