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Royal College of Art

Case Study
Governance Effectiveness Review

Halpin was commissioned by the Royal College of Art to conduct a governance effectiveness review in late 2018. RCA is undergoing a period of unprecedented growth and change, with delivery of a new academic and real estate plan. The focus of our brief was on effective working practices rather than compliance, with a view to enabling RCA’s governance to be more nimble and agile. The objective was to equip the college to deal more effectively with the risks it faces and optimise the resources available to the small, specialist institution.


  • Full comprehensive evidence and opinion-gathering via 30 individual interviews with Council members and senior officers, and observation of various meetings to observe board behaviour and dynamics influencing effectiveness
  • Detailed and comprehensive desk review of a wide range of documentation
  • 17 recommendations, considering a number of options for change in relation to Council and its committees
  • The report was circulated to Council in July 2019.


Photo: Shadowssettle, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons