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St Marylebone Parish Church

Case Study
Fundraising Planning Study

Our work with the beautiful London church started after the departure of their first-ever Director of Development, who had been tasked with fundraising for an urgent heritage project. Leadership caution around the appeal of the project, low levels of engagement and a team unfamiliar to fundraising at scale meant they opted for a feasibility study whilst going out to recruit again. Our work found an organisation at a very young stage of fundraising, unlikely to meet their ideal target in the desired timescales.

Nonetheless, with intelligent investment and reorganisation of existing roles and resources, we helped St Marylebone staff and leadership better understand how they can achieve a sustainable fundraising programme with a transformative impact on their community and facilities.

Our report was essential to communicating this critical message to the leadership and board.


  • A realistic and actionable plan for fundraising
  • Coaching staff through the process to improve understanding of key fundraising concepts (relationship management, GDPR, cultivation timescales)
  • Informed recruitment and access to experienced advisors e.g. job description, recruitment, salary
  • Objectivity to deliver difficult messages to boards and leadership
Photo Credit: Diliff, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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