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Governance Effectiveness 2020

Apr 09, 2019
Every year, the press brings to our attention where the governance in Universities has encountered problems. This year, we have Swansea University, University of Reading, De Montfort University and there will be others which escape press attention. Last year, the University of Bath and Bath Spa University. So, it is useful to consider what can go wrong but also what constitutes good governance practice and what changes might be needed in the future.

Out of Home Advertising – Top Ten Tips

Apr 05, 2019
Here are our top ten tips to get the most out of your Out of Home advertising campaigns

Halpin welcomes Project Manager Katie Welsh

Apr 04, 2019
Halpin is pleased to announce the appointment of Katie Welsh as Project Manager.

Development budget essentials to weather the storms ahead

Apr 03, 2019
Looking ahead to a tough year in HE and, probably, a tough year for fundraising, here is my budget checklist for Directors of Development.

Mind the Gap – marketing’s role in managing student expectations

Apr 02, 2019
We can’t remove all of the challenges that students will face whilst at university. But the evidence suggests that there’s a significant expectation gap between what they imagine their student life to be, and the reality of life on campus. So what we can do to better prepare our young people for their experience as a student?

Case Study - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Equality and Diversity Review

Mar 27, 2019
Case Study - Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Equality and Diversity Review

Why fundraise for Arts & Culture?

Mar 21, 2019
In these straightened times, why should we fundraise for the Arts at all? Aren’t there more important priorities when people are living off food banks and suffering from poor mental health, to name just two examples? We must never forget the things that make us human. There are enough donations to go around, and there is enough funding from government should they choose to deliver it to the hard-pressed Arts and Culture sector.

Halpin announces Consulting Fellow Bob Rabone

Mar 20, 2019
Halpin Partnership, a management consultancy specialising in higher education, is pleased to welcome Bob Rabone to its growing team of Consulting Fellows.