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Inequality - calling it out is not enough.

Oct 11, 2019
Working in higher education, we strive to solve the most pressing challenges in the world. Imagining that we can do this as one homogeneous group is a mistake. In fact, it's probably how we got to this situation in the first place.

Mental Health – what are we doing?

Oct 09, 2019
Every business wants to perform well, whether that is for-profit or otherwise. But performing well doesn’t have to come at the expense of your mental health. Achieving a balance is absolutely key. After all, who actually thinks family should come second?

Case Study: City Law School

Sep 30, 2019
Since August 2018, Halpin has been working with City Law School, firstly to undertake a review on their market position and more recently to provide strategic advice and support around their decision to restructure the School.

What can HE learn from the collapse of Thomas Cook?

Sep 27, 2019
What can higher education institutions learn from the collapse of Thomas Cook? Joint CEO Susie Hills considers some lessons we can take from recent events.

Five features of successful projects

Sep 27, 2019
Throughout our work we have identified a series of factors that lead to a successful project – here are five to get you started. Use them to guide your work internally or to get the best out of consultants who work with you.

Marketing to undergraduate applicant parents

Sep 13, 2019
What about the parents of future undergraduates? What’s their role in the application journey, and what does this mean for marketing?

Developing the Board & Executive connection

Sep 04, 2019
Good interaction between Council members themselves and with the Executive will always be key to understanding the University and good decision-making.

Lessons in leadership from Greta Thunberg

Aug 16, 2019
One of the gifts of getting older is learning from younger people. It’s a joy to see young people like Greta challenging the ‘grown ups’ to do better. There is much we can learn - most of it we may already think we know - but knowledge is nothing without action.