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WONKHE 360 Perspectives Report – a sector cry for a new culture of leadership and governance.

May 21, 2019
Well done to WONKHE; their 360 perspectives report is a fascinating read. The message that came out loud and clear for me was the need for the sector to urgently refresh its culture of leadership and governance. A need to be much more open, engaged, transparent and inclusive.

Richard Sved joins Halpin’s Consulting Fellows

May 20, 2019
Halpin is pleased to announce the addition of Richard Sved to its group of Consulting Fellows. Richard is an experienced professional with a strong track record of strategic and operational excellence in the voluntary sector stretching well over two decades.

OfS views on potential threats & opportunities to the HE Sector

May 20, 2019
The OfS Board report from the Horizon Scanning Panel discussion of potential threats and opportunities to the Sector may be useful for Council members, but as they are unlikely to see the report, it may worth drawing attention to it here.

Shakira Martin joins Halpin Advisory Group

May 09, 2019
Halpin Partnership, a management consultancy specialising in higher education, has welcomed Shakira Martin to its Advisory Group. In addition to this, Shakira has also joined Halpin’s pool of Consulting Fellows.

5 smart reasons to review your portfolio

May 07, 2019
If there was a bingo list of the phrases that university managers would least like to hear, I suspect “portfolio review” would be near the top. But the size, shape and substance of the courses on offer is at the heart of a university’s purpose, and it is neglected at your peril.

Ross CASE 2019: Fundraising growth, but not as we [knew] it

May 03, 2019
The Ross CASE Survey 2019 results are out. This shows the state of fundraising in the Higher Education sector, and as always it makes for fascinating reading for all those interested in Development. The projection for the Pearce Report was based on the run-rate from the previous ten years, so why has the last decade not kept pace with the growth we saw originally?

Fundraising Mentoring with Shaun Horan

Apr 30, 2019
Fundraising for your institution is as demanding as it is rewarding, and to succeed you must focus on your own development alongside your institution’s. Working with a mentor with years of similar experience will pay dividends.

How to tackle inequality in your institution

Apr 24, 2019
How do you tackle inequality in your institution? If we are starting right at the beginning of this journey (which many of us are – even though we do not want to admit it!) then the simple answer is to own it. Everything else will follow.