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Fundraising Under Pressure: Strategy Q&A

Jul 12, 2021
The important thing to realise is that you can’t come up with a fundraising strategy on your own, or at least not a good one anyway!

Governance Under Pressure: When Things Go Wrong

Jun 08, 2021
In the latest of our Governance Under Pressure series, Halpin CEO Susie Hills caught up with Consulting Fellow Will Spinks to discuss when things go wrong in university governance.

Governance Under Pressure: Boards and The Rich List

Jun 01, 2021
Susie Hills comments on the Sunday Times Rich List and explains why boards should read it.

Governance Under Pressure: Lessons from Further Education

May 20, 2021
Halpin Joint CEO Susie Hills recently caught up with Halpin Consulting Fellow David Allen OBE on all things Covid, governance and further education. Here’s their conversation.

Governance Under Pressure: Academic Governance

May 17, 2021
In this first post of our 'Governance Under Pressure' series, Susie Hills, Halpin Joint CEO, speaks with Professor Wyn Morgan, Halpin Consulting Fellow and Professor of Economics at the University of Sheffield.

Living Black at University

May 13, 2021
Halpin was appointed by Unite Students in March 2021 to conduct an independent review of Black students' experience of accommodation, following an open and competitive tendering process. More info here.

Rethinking university internationalisation strategies: the EDI angle

May 12, 2021
Having reviewed 134 UK university strategic plans (all current in late 2020), Dr Vicky Lewis shares observations about the profile of EDI and global engagement.

New Global Strategies Report

Apr 27, 2021
Dr Vicky Lewis recently published a report on HEI internationalisation/global strategy. Read a summary here, where you'll also find links to the full report.