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Higher Education governance in a time of crisis

May 29, 2020
To help the sector understand the impact of Covid-19 on governance practice and to give reassurance to universities that they were not alone in overcoming these new challenges, we captured feedback from 39 institutions via a short online survey.

Where we find kind - kindness resources

May 21, 2020
During the course of Susie Hills' research into kindness, particular in a leadership context, she has found these resources a particular source of inspiration. Here we list the books, articles, websites and TED Talks that have infomred Susie's thinking along the way.

Philanthropy and a Covid-19 Rich List

May 18, 2020
Reading the recently published Sunday Times Rich List 2020 feels extraordinary. So many fortunes changing so quickly and so much reputational damage for the super-rich. And a very different editorial tone from the Sunday Times. What should those working in philanthropy take from this year's Rich List?

Fundraising - good enough to cut?

May 14, 2020

The CASE-Ross survey is out. As in most other years, it shows an increase in the amount being pledged (over 20% increase on last year), and increased cash-in. As a whole, the sector raised £1.3bn, the highest amount ever. That’s a total to be proud of, and it shows that fundraising in the sector is becoming ever more mature and important.

However, that snapshot also feels a little like a survey taken in 1913, or 1938. The world of 2020 onwards now looks extremely different. Not because people will stop giving – many universities have seen a significant increase in fundraising activity. It has ...

Interview: Why HE governance has lessons to learn from the FE Sector

May 07, 2020
How does governance in the Further Education sector compare to that in universities? Is there anything that each sector can learn from the other? We interview Craig Williams, a Clerk with experience of both areas, to better understand both the differences and lessons to be learned.

Reinventing international higher education

May 05, 2020
Covid-19 has brought significant risks to international student mobility, but it also brings an opportunity to reinvent the business of international education. Dr Vicky Lewis discusses some of the ways that this could take place, based on issues raised at the 2020 International Higher Education Forum.

Can governance still be effective from a distance?

Apr 03, 2020
In these challenging times, the need for good governance practice is more essential than ever. Without careful management, a remote meeting can have lower levels of engagement, an inadequate level of debate and ultimately, ineffectual decision making. Our top ten tips can help ensure that your Board meeting maintains high levels of effectiveness.

Interview: Risk & Student Experience with Shakira Martin

Apr 02, 2020
Shakira Martin is Head of Student Experience at Rose Bruford College. Before that, she was President of the National Union of Students UK. She’s also a Consulting Fellow for Halpin and a member of our Advisory Group. A few weeks ago Olivia Dunn caught up with her to ask her about risks within student experience. Here’s what she had to say.