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University of Manchester Governance Review Info

Apr 13, 2021
Information, FAQ and team biographies for the Halpin Review of Governance at University of Manchester.

Interview: Compassionate Restructures

Mar 24, 2021

We are delighted that Michelle Leek (ML) has joined Halpin as a Consulting Fellow. Michelle specialises in strategic change project leadership delivery and is a Professor of Practice in People Growth & Culture. Until December 2020 she was Pro-Vice-Chancellor (People, Performance & Culture) at University of Cumbria. Halpin's Joint CEO Susie Hills (SH) caught up with her to talk about restructures... and to discuss if/how they can be more compassionate.

Michelle Leek Headshot.jpeg

Michelle Leek

SH: Universities have had to respond to the double challenge of Brexit and Covid and this has resulted in many institutions goin...

What’s going on in HE Fundraising?

Mar 08, 2021
For a sector that is normally very open and discursive, and has strong personal relationships, I was struck by how much of a barrier Covid has been in promoting wider understanding of what is going on in fundraising.

Reinventing the 'review'

Mar 05, 2021
Susie Hills says it’s time to dust off the art of the review, reinvent it and super-charge it for 2021. It’s time to develop review processes that are focused, effective, swift, compassionate and energising.

University of Sussex Governance Review Info

Mar 05, 2021
Useful information, team biographies and FAQs relating to the University of Sussex Governance Review.

The university’s brand & reputation – what is the Board/Council’s role?

Mar 05, 2021
Frank Toop suggests it is worth considering whether the Board/Councils should be more involved in managing their public image due to the importance of the University’s brand and reputation.

The educational fog

Feb 16, 2021
Finding your way through government policy towards education and more broadly is like trying to find your way around a city in thick fog without either a map or a compass. The latest FE White Paper is yet another that underlines this and mostly adds to the problem, says Tim Melville Ross CBE.

3 reasons why using a consultancy gets things done

Feb 12, 2021
There are three key reasons to bring in consultants who really understand the sector and what you need as an organisation. Shaun Horan explains.