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10 things HE marketeers can do from home

Mar 31, 2020
Remote working? Here are 10 things that higher education marketeers can do at home that will deliver some positive impact both now and in the future.

Remote working support

Mar 19, 2020
A number of our clients have asked us about the best way to approach remote working. For many employees, this is the first time they have worked from home, and circumstances mean people will appreciate guidance and reassurance. Active remote management at this time will be absolutely key for keeping people engaged and healthy, mentally and physically.

Equality and diversity in Higher Education

Mar 06, 2020


It is well documented that an ethnically diverse higher education workforce positively affects the ability of institutions to deliver core services to a diverse student population.

In a survey conducted by the NUS on ‘Race for Equality’ (2011), on the experiences of Black students in further and higher education it highlighted that Black students want a more representative workforce, diverse teaching practices and more Black role models.

Many Black workers in higher education struggle to progress their career in the sector and there is extensive evidence that Black staff are unde...

The risks of a homogeneous team

Mar 05, 2020
If diversity and inclusion is the norm, then so too is discomfort and tension. But managed correctly, with common goals and open communication, this discomfort and tension is the key to progressive, exciting – perhaps even magical - teamwork.

International student recruitment in a volatile landscape

Feb 12, 2020
We operate in a volatile global landscape where geopolitical and related factors present risks to some of our core activities. Global events can have an impact – sometimes almost overnight – on international relationships, with the effects cascading rapidly to HEIs and their students.

Board secretaries - the unsung heroes of institutional reputation

Feb 07, 2020
How many institutions could be sure that if the media cast its light on them there wouldn’t be even a whiff of a negative story, which could grow under external gaze into a full-blown storm?

HE: Marketing & Fundraising Risks & Issues 2020 3/3

Feb 03, 2020
In this third and final article of our series on risks and issues in HE for the new decade, we focus on the fundraising and marketing challenges facing universities in the coming years.

HE: Strategy & Governance Risks & Issues 2020 2/3

Jan 30, 2020
There are many more issues than politics to consider in HE (although politics affects them all), and this is our second article in a series of three. Here, we focus on governance and the strategic issues and challenges facing universities in the coming years.