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Collaborating with your competitors

Nov 29, 2019
We all know there is an increased level of competition between universities. There’s no doubt that this is real; in student and staff recruitment as well as reputation and league tables. It was great to hear about some of the initiatives that are being taken to proactively manage relationships with their local communities and it is clear that this is another area where working in partnership can bring benefits.

The power of a review - a digest

Nov 26, 2019
Whether it’s for governance, your fundraising, your marketing or your strategic direction, we've put together this digest of useful review articles and resources from both Halpin experts and other sector experts for all areas of institutional leadership.

#WorldKindnessDay2019 - higher education leading the way

Nov 13, 2019
On #WorldKindnessDay2019 management consultancy Halpin Partnership celebrates Joint CEO Susie Hills along with fellow higher education professionals for their kindness in leadership.

The case for a personal review

Nov 06, 2019
The power of a career review... as professionals working in higher education, just as we should review organisational performance on a regular basis, we have a similar responsibility to stop and consider our own impact, performance, career journey and needs.

GUEST POST: Students finally have their say on Augar reforms

Oct 17, 2019
Recently released HEPI research shows students are ‘unconvinced’ about the appeal of the Augar Review’s reforms to HE student finance, with perhaps the THE summarising it best with their headline ‘Lower Tuition Fees? Meh’

Inequality - calling it out is not enough.

Oct 11, 2019
Working in higher education, we strive to solve the most pressing challenges in the world. Imagining that we can do this as one homogeneous group is a mistake. In fact, it's probably how we got to this situation in the first place.

Mental Health – what are we doing?

Oct 09, 2019
Every business wants to perform well, whether that is for-profit or otherwise. But performing well doesn’t have to come at the expense of your mental health. Achieving a balance is absolutely key. After all, who actually thinks family should come second?

Case Study: City Law School

Sep 30, 2019
Since August 2018, Halpin has been working with City Law School, firstly to undertake a review on their market position and more recently to provide strategic advice and support around their decision to restructure the School.