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UCL Effectiveness Review of Council

Feb 24, 2020
UCL Effectiveness Review of Council - Project Overview, Consultant Biographies and FAQs

Board secretaries - the unsung heroes of institutional reputation

Feb 07, 2020
How many institutions could be sure that if the media cast its light on them there wouldn’t be even a whiff of a negative story, which could grow under external gaze into a full-blown storm?

HE: Strategy & Governance Risks & Issues 2020 2/3

Jan 30, 2020
There are many more issues than politics to consider in HE (although politics affects them all), and this is our second article in a series of three. Here, we focus on governance and the strategic issues and challenges facing universities in the coming years.

3 questions governors should ask of their executive/marketing team

Jan 13, 2020
Once you have your UCAS data, are you confident that you have the full picture? Do you have the assurance you need in order to confidently make your decisions? If not, then try asking these three questions to your Executive/Marketing team to give you further insight and understanding.

Halpin announces new Consulting Fellow

Jan 03, 2020
Halpin is delighted to announce that Ewart Wooldridge CBE joins the team as a Consulting Fellow.

What can HE learn from the collapse of Thomas Cook?

Sep 27, 2019
What can higher education institutions learn from the collapse of Thomas Cook? Joint CEO Susie Hills considers some lessons we can take from recent events.

Developing the Board & Executive connection

Sep 04, 2019
Good interaction between Council members themselves and with the Executive will always be key to understanding the University and good decision-making.

The OfS challenges for University Governance

Jul 23, 2019
The need to respond to Government priorities and the OfS is real but the risks in so doing need to be considered and mitigated. Frank Toop discusses.