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Why governance reviews should include Senate

Sep 20, 2021
It is preferable for Councils to be able to take assurance from Senate but, in order to do so, Senates must be organised to be capable of providing such assurance.

Governance Under Pressure: Governance Lessons from the Corporate Sector

Aug 04, 2021
Susie had a chat with Consulting Fellow Hanif Barma on lessons to take from governance in the corporate sector. Read their discussion here.

Governance Under Pressure: Strategic Plans

Jul 13, 2021
In our latest in this series, Consulting Fellow Ewart Wooldridge spoke to Joint CEO Susie Hills to discuss how boards should approach university strategy, post-pandemic.

Governance Under Pressure: When Things Go Wrong

Jun 08, 2021
In the latest of our Governance Under Pressure series, Halpin CEO Susie Hills caught up with Consulting Fellow Will Spinks to discuss when things go wrong in university governance.

Governance Under Pressure: Boards and The Rich List

Jun 01, 2021
Susie Hills comments on the Sunday Times Rich List and explains why boards should read it.

Governance Under Pressure: Lessons from Further Education

May 20, 2021
Halpin Joint CEO Susie Hills recently caught up with Halpin Consulting Fellow David Allen OBE on all things Covid, governance and further education. Here’s their conversation.

Governance Under Pressure: Academic Governance

May 17, 2021
In this first post of our 'Governance Under Pressure' series, Susie Hills, Halpin Joint CEO, speaks with Professor Wyn Morgan, Halpin Consulting Fellow and Professor of Economics at the University of Sheffield.

University of Manchester Governance Review Info

Apr 13, 2021
Information, FAQ and team biographies for the Halpin Review of Governance at University of Manchester.