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Is the new revised CUC Code of Governance enough?

Sep 17, 2020
The CUC has just published its revised Higher Education Code of Governance. But is it enough?

Upping the governance game in Wales

Aug 03, 2020
In 2019, Chairs and Vice-Chancellors in Wales commissioned Gillian Camm to do a review of HE governance in Wales. The report was published in December 2019 and set out a proposed way forward on governance that was clustered around a series of governance values. It is relevant to all UK HE institutions too.

3 reasons to make your next governance effectiveness review an external one

Jul 28, 2020
It can be tempting to carry out your governance effectiveness review without any external input. However, there are times when this approach doesn’t bring sufficient independence or fresh thinking. Here are 3 reasons to work with an external supplier on reviewing your governance arrangements:

Client Case Study: UCL Governance Review

Jul 28, 2020
Halpin recently completed a Governance Review at UCL. Here's an overview of what we did, along with a link to the final report.

Higher Education governance in a time of crisis

May 29, 2020
To help the sector understand the impact of Covid-19 on governance practice and to give reassurance to universities that they were not alone in overcoming these new challenges, we captured feedback from 39 institutions via a short online survey.

Interview: Why HE governance has lessons to learn from the FE Sector

May 07, 2020
How does governance in the Further Education sector compare to that in universities? Is there anything that each sector can learn from the other? We interview Craig Williams, a Clerk with experience of both areas, to better understand both the differences and lessons to be learned.

Can governance still be effective from a distance?

Apr 03, 2020
In these challenging times, the need for good governance practice is more essential than ever. Without careful management, a remote meeting can have lower levels of engagement, an inadequate level of debate and ultimately, ineffectual decision making. Our top ten tips can help ensure that your Board meeting maintains high levels of effectiveness.

Board secretaries - the unsung heroes of institutional reputation

Feb 07, 2020
How many institutions could be sure that if the media cast its light on them there wouldn’t be even a whiff of a negative story, which could grow under external gaze into a full-blown storm?