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Halpin & Collab Group Sector Report: Further Education

by | Oct 8, 2020 | News

Halpin partners with Collab Group to release the State of the sector report.

Halpin and Collab Group today launched a brand-new report on the “state of the further education sector.” The report presents our findings following analysis of focus interviews conducted with 25 Principals and Chief Executives across UK Further Education colleges, and an accompanying survey.

In the report, we examine some of the key opportunities and challenges including facing FE leaders, including how colleges have responded to the coronavirus pandemic, the anticipated FE White Paper and the relationship between FE and HE.

Some of the key findings include:

• 81% of leaders surveyed agreed that further education colleges will be critical to economic recovery efforts

• Just 19% of leaders are very confident about the financial position of their college over the next 12 months

• 67% of leaders are concerned about the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on learner progression

• 80% of leaders agree that their governance arrangements are appropriate to respond to current and emerging challenges.

Ian Pretty, Chief Executive of Collab Group said:

“This report is the first of its kind for Collab Group and represents a really valuable encapsulation of the views of further education leaders at this challenging and unprecedented time. I want to thank Halpin for all their great work in conducting the research and analysis that went into this report.”

Susie Hills, CEO of Halpin Partnership said:

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Collab Group on this report. The report tells a story of a sector which has risen to the immense challenges of Covid and which will be vital to our recovery.”