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Halpin Perspectives on Higher Education Governance

by Susie Hills | Oct 26, 2022 | Governance & Policy

A review of Halpin’s collected governance reports and governance thought leadership

“Whilst much has changed over the past five years – the move to online meetings, for example – much has also remained constant – the importance of a healthy culture, the need for more diversity and the importance of stakeholder engagement. This review of the reviews attempts to capture the recurrent themes of the past five years of higher education governance and to offer lessons for the future.”Susie Hills, Halpin Joint CEO

Reviews of university governance are a unique way of accessing the vital questions in the running of the university. They combine a helicopter view of the key strategic and performance issues of the institution with ‘deep dives’ into culture and relationship issues with students, staff and stakeholders.

The Halpin ‘Perspectives on Higher Education Governance’ report, published this week, extracts and analyses the key lessons from all the governance reviews and thought leadership undertaken by Halpin since it was established five years ago.

The review, authored by Consulting Fellows Ewart Wooldridge and John Britton, draws on 29 governance reviews and the wealth of blogs, articles, and related studies undertaken by the Halpin team, and sets out lessons for all those involved in university governance.

The report:

  • Explores the core issues of governance – the practical foundations of good governance, the key challenges being faced by university Boards and the lessons for the future.
  • Offers a number of recommendations and reflections for governing bodies to consider as we enter one of the toughest periods of university governancethat the HE sector has ever known.
  • Provides a framework for self-review or for use at the Away Day of the governing body.


You can download the report here and register for the webinar on the findings to be held on 16th November, 1PM GMT here.


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