John Lauwerys

A leading expert in university professional services, including strategy and governance, with over 30 years of university management experience.

  • Former Secretary and Registrar of the University of Southampton.
  • Former Secretary and Registrar at Royal Holloway University of London.
  • Led unitary Professional Services functions in both, ensuring sound governance and legal compliance of the institutions.
  • Undertaken consultancy with more than 25 universities in the UK and Ireland including University College Cork, Edinburgh, Roehampton, University of the Arts, Strathclyde, Kings College London and University College London.

As Secretary and Registrar at the University of Southampton, John was responsible, under the Vice-Chancellor, for the whole of the University’s Professional Services including finance.

John is a former Director of the Higher Education Staff Development Agency and member of the Executive of the Association of Heads of University Administration.  He also chaired the Russell Group Registrars and has been a member of the Joint Funding Councils’ VFM Steering Group and the Higher Education Regulation Review Group.

The areas covered in this work include governance and Governing Body effectiveness reviews, restructuring and improving professional service delivery, progressing a major capital development project and establishing means to deliver services more cost-effectively in times of financial constraint.

John has recently completed governance effectiveness reviews at Manchester and Strathclyde universities and is currently working with Kings College London on an academic governance review.