How much do Teaching Excellence awards and badges matter?

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Are teaching excellence awards and badges just for the feel-good factor, or are they vital information for students to hone their consumer persona and ‘wise choice’ skills?

As we approach another glittering award ceremony, it gives me cause to pause and think about what ‘excellence’ means.

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Fundraising lessons from Gareth Southgate

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Let’s face it, who isn’t just a little bit in love with Gareth Southgate right now? Who wouldn’t be impressed by his focus, modesty, attention to detail, attitude and waistcoats.

As we all reflect on an extraordinary match, I think there are some interesting lessons for fundraisers.

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7 things state school Heads need to know about fundraising….


If you are Head of a state school you won’t have much time to read this so here are the 7 things you need to know about fundraising….

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A new recipe for higher education governance.


A dash of ‘business’ and a dollop of ‘charity’ – the recipe for Vice-Chancellor pay?


The governance of our universities has focused inwards and concentrated on compliance rather than focusing outwards and on culture. This lack of focus on culture is very risky.

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Funding the fundraising

When I began my career in fundraising, the accepted mantra was that people would not give significant gifts to support salaries for professional staff. They would give to buildings, they would give to research programmes, they would support a professorship, but they would not be interested in the salaries of support staff. Still less would they invest in supporting the salary of a fundraiser.

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Four ways to bolster your independent school’s fundraising in choppy financial waters.

The Independent school market is facing a storm of pressures. Costs and customer expectations are going up yet there is a deflationary pressure on fees, international markets are challenging and there is a scarcity of capital funding.

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How can we use kindness to guide our fundraising?

What if we reimagined fundraising using the guiding principle of kindness? The Oxford English Dictionary tells us that kindness is ‘the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate’.

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