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Campaign Planning

Campaign planning

Fundraising campaigns can step change your income generation and help to deliver institutional change. They can help you to attract new philanthropy and a higher return on investment.

The most effective campaigns are built on the strong foundation of detailed planning.

A campaign planning study will help you to understand how much you can raise, how long it will take and the resources you need. It is also an opportunity to understand what will appeal most to your potential donors and how you can build a compelling Case for Support.

The Halpin team have designed, run and completed major campaigns in the charity and education sectors. They have recruited fundraising teams, set up campaign boards and secured multi-million-pound gifts. Our goal is to help you design and deliver a transformative campaign.

“The whole process was incredibly worthwhile.  The feasibility study and subsequent report has provided us with a focused framework to work from, offering an additional strategic insight to our existing work. It both validated much of our existing thinking, as well as providing incisive additional commentary into the fundraising opportunities that lie ahead.  The School’s senior leadership have bought into the outcomes, which are being built into our core strategic and operational fundraising planning.

 An obvious markers of the study’s success is that I really do refer to the report an awful lot! It doesn’t just sit in a cupboard collecting dust…”

Chris Hibbs, Development Director, Charterhouse

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