With funding cuts and financial pressures mounting on institutions, it has never been more crucial to understand how fundraising feeds into your wider strategy.

We work with universities, schools, healthcare organisations, arts and cultural organisations and charities on campaign feasibility studies, campaign planning, cases for support, prospect research, coaching, mentoring, skills workshops. And we help with a whole host of campaign communications too.

We help you see your fundraising from a broader perspective of knowledge and insight.

Smart fundraising happens when there is a profound understanding of the nonprofit sector’s wider needs, challenges and priorities. The smart money is on the institutions who grasp this.

Our Consulting Fellows have been handpicked not just for their seniority and expertise, but also for their ‘boots-on-the-ground’ experience. Our team of seasoned fundraisers aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up, and they regularly do. But they also understand the barriers to success, having operated at leadership level. 

Short on time? Low on budget? Our Fundraising Health Check is a great place to start, for institutions wanting to clarify their priorities and assess what's working and what's not.

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Halpin can also help with 

> Strategy

> Students 

> Governance

Be the director of your own development... 

One-to-one fundraising mentoring from leading fundraising experts:

Susie Hills

Shaun Horan

Catherine Wolfgang

Featured client:

Campaign Feasibility Study: over the course of 12 weeks our primary objective was to assess, advise and test preparations for what would be Charterhouse's largest ever campaign target.

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