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Fundraising Talent

Fundraising skills are in short supply
There is a severe shortage of talent in fundraising, in both the higher education and the charity sector.  Fundraising skills are in short supply, particularly in major gifts and trusts and foundations.  Salaries have increased significantly and experienced fundraisers have high expectations in terms of working conditions.  Increasingly, teams are looking to recruit from outside the sector and to grow their own talent. In addition, there is a desire to diversify fundraising, as it has been a traditionally white profession.  
We can help your recruitment and retention activities through diversity-focussed recruitment, talent profiling, coaching, training and interim staffing.

Interim Staffing:

If your current Director of Fundraising is moving on, or if you are creating an office from scratch, this can be a crucial time to get in focussed team of seasoned professionals to sort out issues and prepare the ground for your permanent appointment. Six months of interim work allows the next person to hit the ground running and significantly increases their impact.

We can provide Interim staffing at all team levels including Director, Heads of areas such as Major Gifts, Research and Operations. They can focus on:

  1. Embedding new staff structures
  2. Developing prospect relationships
  3. Establishing strategies
  4. Repairing reputation
  5. Motivating and empowering staff

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