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NSS Analysis

Our student satisfaction analysis toolkit can enable you to act quickly to improve student satisfaction.

We can provide swift analysis of NSS and module evaluation data, to enable in year adjustments to improve student wellbeing and satisfaction.

A particular strength is our analysis of free text survey responses. We work with academic experts in computer science and linguistics to use the latest techniques to provide a rapid analysis of student feedback, enabling you to quickly focus on the areas of under or over performance. Applying these techniques to modular evaluation or survey free text data allows a swift understanding of which student groups are having and experience that is different to others.

These techniques are intended to complement the human eye, quickly reducing a huge body of feedback into a navigable set of pertinent comments that are categorised (e.g. by school or programme) and can be drilled into further. Rich data is generated, to inform potential solutions.

Through our knowledge of league table methodologies we can help you understand the impact of NSS outcomes on individual subject area league tables and the overall institutional tables. Research has established a clear link between subject league tables and applications.

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