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Dr Nick Cartwright

Senior Advisor

Dr Nick Cartwright (PhD, MPhil, PGCertHE, LLB [Dual Hons], SFHEA, NTF) has been lecturing in the UK and abroad since 2000. He is currently a Lecturer and EDI Lead in the School of Law at the University of Leeds, as well as Visiting Fellow in Race Equality and Education at the Centre for Advancing Race Equality (CARE). Nick is also a member of the TASO (Transforming Access and Student Outcomes) Sector Network and the Living Black at University Commission, and in 2022 was recognised as a transformative educator, receiving a prestigious National Teaching Fellowship from AdvanceHE.

Nick’s research focus is on education and inclusion from a critical race perspective. His research argues that racism and patriarchy are endemic within higher education and his recommendations on how to decolonise academia have led to peer-reviewed articles and policy-focused publications, as well as bylines in WonkHE and HuffPost.

Nick has also worked with the United Nations on missions in Panama, Vienna and Zagreb, developing and promoting their Education 4 Justice programme. He has also worked in Northern Ireland on projects promoting peace and justice through education.