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Meike Imberg

Consulting Fellow

Meike (she/her) is a passionate leader who takes every opportunity to help others and make the world a better place for all – especially marginalised groups. She is currently the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at DIAL Global, a global community for Diverse Inclusive Aspirational Leaders.

The purpose of DIAL Global is to create a more inclusive and diverse society and Meike strives to drive holistic, long-lasting cultural and systematic changes within organisations. In doing so, she strategically supports companies on their workplace diversity and inclusion journey and aims to change the hearts and minds of those who are not yet familiar with the benefits and importance of authentic diversity and inclusion.

She recently finished a full-time MSc in Gender, Sexuality and Society, and worked at Stonewall, the largest LGBT organisation in Europe until autumn 2021. Meike is a specialist for LGBT inclusion and gender diversity and in her current role, she expands her work to other identity facets, including generational differences, visible and invisible disabilities, parenthood, faith, and mental health.

Prior to her time at Stonewall, after completing her BSc in Sociology and Psychology at the University of Greenwich, she was elected as the first female, lesbian, international President at the Greenwich Students’ Union where she was re-elected for a second year. Having been a University Governor and being able to work with stakeholders from all different levels of the university and a diverse student body, Meike developed a deep passion for driving cultural change while focussing on diversity and inclusion.

Meike has also recently been the Chair of ICYE-UK, the international volunteering charity she volunteered with in London 10 years ago, after completing her A-levels in Germany. She gained substantial experience as a trustee at the University of Greenwich and ICYE-UK and is passionate about governance, higher education, and empowering others to be who they want to be and to do what they love.

As a proud, German, (nearly) 30 year old, lesbian woman, Meike strives to be a proactive ally and a role model for others. She won the global RAHM LGBT Leadership contest in 2019, has delivered multiple LGBT and leadership workshops and given various talks on workplace diversity and inclusion to various audiences.

Featuring in the recently published book ‘GaYme Changer: How the LGBT Community and Their Allies are Changing the Global Economy’ and featured in UK’s Pride Life Magazine in December 2021 as a proactive advocate for the LGBT community, Meike always strives to use her growing platform to educate and empower others around diversity and inclusion, leadership, and being your authentic self.