Osaro Otobo


Osaro is experienced in leading changes in student democracy & governance and also in student equality, diversity & inclusion. She is the author of the Halpin report: UK Universities’ Response to Blank Lives Matter.

Osaro studied at the University of Hull for her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science and a master’s degree in Cancer Imaging. She was elected for 3 successive years to work in the best interest of students at Hull; she was a postgraduate student trustee and a two-term President at Hull University Students’ Union.

From lived experiences, she created the Make Diversity Count campaign which is calling for all UK organisations to have a robust discrimination policy which sets out how they deal with complaints of discrimination in a more effective and transparent way.

She believes in ensuring all students, especially those from liberation and widening participation groups, are supported effectively in throughout their education journey. She also believes that student voices should be at the heart of an evidence-based approach to implementing change and getting meaningful long-lasting results in the higher education sector.

Osaro is Deputy Chair of British Youth Council, and also authored Halpin’s recent report ‘UK Universities’ Response to Black Lives Matter’, co-chairing the subsequent discussion webinar.